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Almonte Leclerc Juristen is in Tribes

Mitchel Martis - left
“After being a marine, I studied law at the VU and, because of my background – my mother is from the Dominican Republic – I specialised in immigration law. Here in Tribes, right at the heart of Rotterdam Central District, this all comes together: Rotterdam is a melting pot of nationalities that want to integrate. They’ve already come a long way on willpower, which is exactly the mentality of this port city. Besides that, the entrepreneurship spirit here is tangible. Like the quote written here on the wall ‘We go where the business is’. It fits. My clients – many of them from Latin America – enjoy coming here, since the layout of Tribes here is similar to the Huli tribe of Papua New Guinea.”

PitchParrot is in Kleinhandel

Sebastiaan Lindenhof - middle
“We’ve been in Kleinhandel for nearly 4 years and it is wonderful to work here. In the time we’ve been here, our office space has grown from 75 to 150 square metres to create space for our illustrators, sound designers and animators. Before, we were in Leiden along the canal, but we were looking for a place with character that would be easy-toreach for our clients. The Groot Handelsgebouw was love at first sight. Even though we work for clients from all around the world, they are always pleasantly surprised by the great atmosphere in the building. There are lots of fun corners to catch up over a cup of coffee. To them, Kleinhandel is a confirmation of the quality we deliver.”

Local Media is in Spaces

Carsten van Rossen - right
“It feels good here nearby Hofplein. It is an iconic building that is easy to reach, due to its central location in Rotterdam Central District. We had the need for a separate office, that’s on the 5th floor, and good service on the ground floor. We receive both new and existing clients downstairs in the coffee corner and, if necessary, we will book a meeting room. Our work is connecting big city events, such as the NN Marathon Rotterdam and the World Port Days with the shops in the Rotterdam inner-city, and the sale of advertising space in cultural and touristic media (like the Uitagenda Rotterdam, the UitAgenda Utrecht and www.denhaag.com). It’s just like what happens here at Spaces: connection. The nice thing about this location is that we can cross the street on Friday afternoon and kick off the weekend at Biergarten, just behind the Schieblock.”
19 november 2019
Melissa Ablett

COLUMN: Melissa Ablett

14 november 2019
The O-team

The O-Team

5 november 2019
Rotterdam Climate District

RCD as Rotterdam Climate District