Suze van Bohemen

Humans of Central District: Suze van Bohemen

Three months after the 47th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Schouwburgplein is anything but deserted. People are rushing to work, crossing the Giant Flying Grass Carpet that stretches 3,500 square metres. Suze van Bohemen is one of them, who was just about to slip past the famous Tiger logo and into the IFFR. Is there anything left to do after the film festival?
“Certainly,” Suze reassures me. She works in the area of Partnerships & Programme Funding. “Although, a lot of the IFFR team takes a break in February. And they’ve earned it, after about 329,000 visits and more than 500 films featured. But after that, it is time for evaluations and adjusting the sails to prepare for the next edition.”
She’s no stranger to the world of film. In Antwerp, she completed her Master’s in Film Studies and Visual Culture, after which she worked for four years at the IDFA in Amsterdam, also in the department of sponsoring and fundraising. What does she find so fascinating about film? “To me, it’s the most beautiful expression of art. It is a vehicle for different art forms: music, imagery, photography, story. Above all, the concepts you are confronted with by the films featured at the IFFR are at a whole other level when compared to the average Hollywood film. In the end, it’s because these films have an impact; they are layered and really get you thinking.”
The fulltime team of 40 works year-round to prepare for the upcoming edition. Besides the main event, IFFR also looks for ways to connect with the city in the form of school performances, workshops, screenings of films from the previous edition in cinemas like KINO and mash-ups in collaboration with the Kunsthal.
What does Suze have planned for today? “I’ll be settling in behind my PC and writing up reports about the programmes presented at the festival. These will be sent to the funds to account for the financial contribution we received from them.” After that, it’s on to the next edition. Action!
19 november 2019
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