Ferlin Yoswara

Humans of Central District: Ferlin Yoswara

Stationsplein, the square in front of Central Station, is the city’s prime spot for people watching. Such as the woman walking by with a model of the cube houses. So, of course, I tap her on the shoulder.
“Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Ferlin Yoswara. This model is for Rotterdam Tourist Information.” She shows me her magnificently decorated set of small, rose gold cubes with a little crystal inside each one. “I started out as a painter and sculptor,” tells the Indonesian with Chinese and Dutch roots. “I first came to the Netherlands in 2010 for the opening of my exhibition A Journey of a Young Indonesian Artist in the Netherlands in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. I had planned to go backpacking through Europe after that, but the ambassador had other ideas. Impressed by my paintings, I was taken on as artist-in-residence. So, I traded trains and hostels for a car with a personal driver and a house in Wassenaar.”
At the young age of four, Ferlin won her first of many art prizes. After finishing her university degree in China and her adventure in The Hague, she returned to Indonesia, where she tripled the revenues of her father’s Do-It-Yourself company. Eager to start for herself and, in 2017, she requested a startup-residence permit in the Netherlands. It was granted. Now, she is expanding her artistic empire, with her company, Market Your Jewelry, located at the CIC in the Groot Handelsgebouw.
Ferlin has two jewelry brands: FY Fine Jewelry and Saaraa Jewelry. Why jewelry? “My sculptures don’t dry well in this humid climate, or perhaps I just don’t have the patience for it. But, above all, I want my business to contribute to the Dutch economy. I employ people and set up sustainable and innovative projects.”
RCD is a perfect location. Here she has enough room to work on innovative concepts. Also, her clients can easily take the train to come pay her a visit. “Rotterdam is a fantastic playground, where startups can really make a difference.” So, for now, Ferlin isn’t going anywhere!
Check out @fyfinejewelry and @saaraanl to find out more.
19 november 2019
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